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About Black Tie Labs

Black Tie Labs is a full service production company specializing in Film, print, commercials. We build IP' from the ground up as well as produce high quality content. Our team is dedicated to bringing stories to life through the art of cinematography and filmmaking. With a focus on creativity and storytelling, we strive to deliver compelling visual experiences that captivate audiences. We take pride in our unique approach to crafting narratives that resonate with viewers, setting us apart from our competitors.

Awards & Recognitions

Film Festival Awards

Best Photography

Film Festival Participation

Black Tie Labs has been honored with prestigious awards at renowned film festivals worldwide. Our commitment to excellence in cinematography and storytelling has been recognized at events such as the UK Film Festival, DOP Association Awards, Independent Movie Award, LA Cinema Guild, and Dubai Shortfilms Festival. These accolades serve as a testament to our dedication to producing exceptional visual content that resonates with global audiences.

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